“Very well written, superbly researched and thought provoking alternative look back into history at how things might have been for Jesus and his followers.”
— Amazon reviewer
“...a great read that presents a very interesting and thought-provoking hypothesis... The historical characters, setting, and dialogue are so believable and compelling that the reader is easily transported back to that time and place,.. Mr. Scott makes ancient history really come alive. He is especially talented at creating language and conversation that sounds authentically historical, yet very real and captivating.
— Amazon reviewer
“Hope he writes more books like this.”
— Amazon reviewer

photo: Barbara Scott

Michael Douglas Scott is a Viet Nam era Navy veteran, anthropologist, historian, retired IT professional, writer, husband and father now retired in southern Colorado. He continues to write on religion, government and politics to the consternation of friends and foes alike. Given a choice he would spend more time fly fishing the rivers and streams of west.

The Q Fragments is available as a series of podcasts. Listen or download the mp3 files on this site, or from Apple from iTunes.

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