The End of the Story and the Podcasts

Today I published the last of the podcast segments to the novel. The entire book is now available on this site for listening or downloading. The series of podcasts are also available on iTunes.

Why would I spend weeks recording and converting those recordings into audio files and podcasts for public consumption after spending three years researching and writing, the designing and publishing the book? As any author with something to say, I want my story to be read, or in this case, read or listened to, by as many people as possible.

The Q Fragments is a well told tale, a mystery that rests on characters and action, a story that arose from mystery and persists in that vein to this day. It does not have to be, though. There are evidentiary and rational explanations for why a simple, illiterate Jewish country prophet was later transformed into a magical, mysterious god who still holds sway over those who are vunerable to simple belief. This story is meant to open the doors of the mind to a rational but sympathetic approach to how Christianity might have been born, and how it may someday be put to rest along with the hundreds of other supernatural mystery stories that humans have long forgotten.